Julianne Hough

“The Origins of You does a brilliant job of striking the balance of acknowledging the pain of the past without getting lost in blame. . . . This book is the book that everyone in your family should read.”

Nedra Glover Tawwab

“The Origins of You offers us a promise: our family of origin, no matter how damaged it might have been, does not determine our destiny. With empathy and wisdom, Vienna Pharaon explains how our past creates our patterns – patterns we’re still living out today – and how we can shift those habits to create […]

Yung Pueblo

“The Origins of You is a powerful guide to know ourselves and change our relationships. Vienna has provided the knowledge we need to deeply improve our lives. This book is for anyone who is serious about personal growth and is ready for a big change.”

Whitney Goodman

“The Origins of You forces us to accept that you can’t outrun your past. Vienna is a skilled family therapist who uses her expertise, compassionate voice, and engaging storytelling to help you discover what to do when our early life experiences are no longer serving you. This is the book for anyone who has ever […]